Getting married on Valentine’s Day: Yes or No?

Choosing the right wedding date is tough: you have to coordinate with so many important family and friends’ availability, and there’s usually at least a few people in your family who have an opinion on when is best.

With Valentine’s Day coming up in just two weeks, it got me thinking about how popular the 14th of February is for proposals and weddings.

As a wedding planner, I LOVE  love and all the romance that comes with it. But like any choice of wedding date, there are pros and cons to getting married on the most romantic day of the year:

Why Valentine’s Day may not be the best day to get married:

ValentinesDay.emptyrestaurant.morguefile1. You’ll share your wedding anniversary with everyone else who’s celebrating their love that day.
Restaurant bookings will probably be more expensive and harder to get, and you won’t be the only one getting sent flowers at the office that day.

Image: Flickr / danielmoyle
Image: Flickr / danielmoyle

2. You will generally need to book your venue further in advance
Often up to two years or more in advance,  to ensure you can secure this popular date.

Image: Flickr / Debs (ò‿ó)♪

3. Unless you also send Save The Dates to your guests well in advance,  you might also find some are already booked up with other plans that day.
Maybe even at another wedding.

ValentinesDay.Red roses.morguefile4. The cost of flowers for your big day may be more expensive.
Prices are often inflated during the Valentine’s Day period.

Image: Flickr / UrbaneWomenMag
Image: Flickr / UrbaneWomenMag

5. Your unmarried friends might find it harder to bring a guest along.
Being invited to a wedding AND to celebrate Valentine’s Day in one go just might be a little too much pressure for some.

Image: Flickr / Kooroshication (cropped)
Image: Flickr / Kooroshication (cropped)

6. Got any single friends (who’d rather not be)?
Valentines probably isn’t their favourite day of the year…

Why it’s great to get married on Valentine’s Day:

Image: Flickr / Spixey
Image: Flickr / Spixey

1. Your significant other will never forget your anniversary.
Plus, the influx of red love hearts and roses in the shops in the lead up to Valentine’s Day will always serve as a reminder that your anniversary is coming up.

2. Only one romantic gift to splash out on each year.
So you can make it an extra special one.

ValentinesDay.candyhearts.morguefile3. Your guests will be in the mood to celebrate luuuuurve in all its splendour.

Image: Flickr / somewhereintheworldtoday
Image: Flickr / somewhereintheworldtoday

4. Picking a theme / your wedding colours will be super easy.
It’s all about pink & red!

ValentinesDay.kisses choc.morguefile
5. There will be heaps of great theming options in all the shops that you can use for your reception decorations.
And finding cute bonboniere will be a breeze.

Image: Flickr / apdk

6. It’s so romantic!
What better day to celebrate your love than when you can practically smell the roses in the air already.

What do you think?


Theming Idea: Gatsby Inspiration

For Melbourne Cup Day our Room 81 Restaurant was transformed into a 1920’s Gatsby-influenced luncheon.  I love this decadent and sophisticated theme.

Room 81 Gatsby Style 1920s theme Flappers
Image by SB4
Room 81 Gatsby Style 1920s theme Centre Piece Ice Black Feathers
Image by One Magnifique Day
Room 81 Gatsby Style 1920s theme
Image by SB4
Room 81 Gatsby 1920s Theme Bar Crystal Chandelier
Image by One Magnifique Day
Room 81 Entrance Beaded Curtain 1920s theme red carpet
Image by One Magnifique Day
Room 81 Gatsby Style 1920s theme model
Image by SB4

Credits: Images of Room 81 Restaurant and Bar by One Magnifique Day and SB4

Wedding Trend: Alternative Bouquets

Crystal wedding bouquet
Image by Emma Case
Bouquet by Debbie Carlisle Bouquets

A friend mentioned the other day that she loved the trendy crystal bouquets some brides are choosing in place of flower bouquets. I then found this wonderful blog post on Boho Weddings, and thought I would share these beautiful, creative, very alternative bouquet ideas:

Vintage and Crystal Bouquets
These are really popular at the moment and I’m pretty sure they are here to stay. Perfect for stylish brides who want to incorporate a vintage element into their wedding, also the perfect way to add something that holds sentimental meaning to the bride.

Debbie Carlisle Bouquets (photo credits Emma Case)

Alternative Bridal Bouquets Alternative Bridal Bouquets

Alternative Bridal Bouquets

Jo Barnes Vintage

Alternative Bridal Bouquets   Alternative Bridal Bouquets


Judith Brown Jewellery

Alternative Bridal Bouquets

Love Bouquets

Alternative Bridal Bouquets Alternative Bridal Bouquets

Alternative Bridal Bouquets

For the full article and for more great, alternative bouquet ideas see Boho Weddings.

Credits:  Reblogged from Boho Weddings, Images by Emma Case, Bouquets by Debbie Carlisle Bouquets, Jo Barnes Vintage and Judith Brown Jewellery